Our Approach

Our projects use the written word, live theatre and performing arts as a platform for discussion, where a core message around resilience and wellbeing engages via entertainment and education. This has shown effective use as a catalyst to greater audience participation and dialogue between participants, service charity partners and professional bodies. Our work enhances existing support pathways through enabling self-efficacy and tackles subject matter that veterans and their families would normally distance themselves from, feeling unable to discuss or unsure where to turn for help. The numbers involved can be from 1 to hundreds, depending on the individual nature of each project.

Our Mission

Using the written word and performing arts we provide innovative ways to educate and address issues faced by serving personnel, veterans and their families and the wider community, with a focus on mental health, resilience and emotional wellbeing issues.

Telling the characters Story

We take real life situations, first person accounts, research and testimony, observe and reflect on what we have seen and heard to determine what is usable. It is important in the development of each piece to create enough space between the true-to-life events and the fictional parts and focus on the necessary rhythm for getting across emotion and moving along the plot. This crafting is essential to assemble a foundation that engages an audience member to naturally react or respond to a certain set a stimuli to then build emotional authenticity.

The focus of our work is to achieve an optimal balance between affective/emotional engagement and personal reflection. A learning experience (which is the underlying aim of these pieces) is more meaningful when it includes both emotional content (makes us feel) and intellectual content (makes us think and reflect).

Chosen Format

Our productions can be live or digital

All productions can be deployed as public access events or hosted to a closed audience decided by the organisation/sponsor to enhance existing training, professional development or a wider community understanding.

Learning Tools

We have developed tools for:

  • Post-performance workshops or audience Q&A sessions
  • Licenced digital interactive training and educational material for ongoing use for professional development or to engage service users
  • Adaptation of content for use in education (such as Key Stage National Curriculum topics)
  • Event evaluation

Access to experts

R&D partners – we partner with several academic institutions specialising in organisational and workplace research and policy development. This gives us access to extensive data, methodologies and consulting expertise to support our projects and deliverables.


Expert panels – we can help construct complete workshop events, post performance panels or fire circles/talkback sessions consisting of relevant ex and current serving personnel, national stakeholders and qualified specialists and researchers.