Evaluating Shell Shock

We are inviting audiences to take part in a research study commissioned by the project team and run by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) to evaluate the impact of the performance of Shell Shock on the audience. Researchers from the Department of Music and Performing Arts, supported by the Veterans and Families Institute (ARU) are responsible for the study. Professor Helen Odell-Miller leads the study, Linda Winn is the main researcher and Matt Fossey, Director of the Veterans and Families Institute provides specialist input.

What is the Study About?

The aim of the Shell Shock play evaluation is to investigate audience responses to the performance (Blower, N. 2011).

In particular it will focus on:

Does the performance make an impact on the audience member?

Following the performance is behaviour altered?

Who will take part as participants?

Over the period of the tour there will be 2000-8000 audience members; aged 18 or over who are invited to take part in the anonymised study. The participants will be drawn from the audiences of military personnel, combat veterans, their families, the general public, health and emergency services workers and MoD and NHS policy makers.

How do I take Part?

When you purchase tickets you are automatically given the option to consent to participating in a short on-line survey. The survey is secure and your details are recorded as a participant number to ensure anonymity. At the end of the survey you are given the option to provide telephone contact details to participate in a telephone interview. If you consent to this you may be randomly selected to answer some more questions about your views of the performance. Only a member of the research team will contact you.

How do I take Part?

The Shell Shock project team want to find out if audience members have their views about mental health in the armed forces altered by watching the performance.

The broader aims of the study are described as:

  • To evaluate attitudinal and behavioural changes within the broader population – stimulated by the messages delivered within this theatre production.
  • Raising individual awareness amongst veterans and their families and friends who may attend the performance;
  • A stimulus for policy makers to consider the use of theatre as a valuable tool to also challenge stigma behind the wire and beyond.

What will happen when the research project comes to an end?

The research team will examine all the information gained from the study. A full report will be written and made available. It may be used to write articles to be published in academic journals and to be used as a training tool for mental health staff and other researchers.

All findings will be anonymous.

How to get involved

To participate in the anonymous survey please visit the dedicated link: http://bit.ly/2qmBn2j

For more information on the survey and a list of questions & answers please download the Information Sheet ARU Shell Shock
For full terms & conditions regarding participation please download the Consent Form The Shell-Shock Performance