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Using the performing arts this project has created a stigma reduction concept that has broad benefits to both the civilian, serving and veteran community (including their friends and family)

Community Interest

Established in 2017, Shell Shock Media is a community interest company providing a partnership between the arts, service charities and the military community. Its primary objective is to provide innovative ways to educate and address issues faced by veterans and their families, with a focus on mental health, resilience and emotional wellbeing issues.

Projects use the written word, live theatre and performing arts as a platform for discussion, where a core message around resilience and wellbeing engages via entertainment and education. This has shown effective use as a catalyst to greater audience participation and dialogue between participants, service charity partners and professional bodies.

Our work enhances existing support pathways through enabling self-efficacy and tackles subject matter that veterans and their families would normally distance themselves from, feeling unable to discuss or unsure where to turn for help. The number of veterans involved can be from 1 to hundreds, depending on the individual nature of each project.

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Shell Shock Support

Shell Shock: the play will seek to contribute to the broad aims and successes of programmes such as The Government–sponsored Time to Change programme, to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination within society and in line with Dr Andrew Murrison’s paper Fighting Fit (2010).

We are always looking for support in terms of spreading the message and believe the more venues and tour dates we can achieve the better the outcome for the whole community. If you have any suggestions for venues or are interested in corporate sponsorship we would love to hear from you. We are also very happy to receive any donations towards our nationwide tour aims.

Thank you for your support.