Welcome to Shell Shock: The Play.

Twenty-three-year-old Tommy Atkins returns from serving in Afghanistan with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Shell Shock. His over-emotional responses to post office queues, a trip to Ikea, his relationship with his girlfriend and family lead to alienation and worse. Told in the vernacular, laced with humour and drawn from personal experience, the story highlights the issues faced by veterans and their families when dealing with mental health trauma as a result of combat experience and as is often misunderstood, the transition to civilian life after service.


Praise from the original novel:

An important book because it addresses a very modern problem… a glimpse into that world of confusion, doubt and dislocation.  Whilst it is a fiction, perhaps for the young man next to you on the train or on the football terrace, it is a reality.
- Colonel Tim Collins 
Combat robs you mentally and physically. This book captures all these emotions superbly. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has been in combat and who, like me, has suffered the symptoms of PTSD.
- Pete Winner author of ‘Soldier I’
A frank, visceral, moving – and surprisingly humorous – revelation of what it is to live with PTSD while trying to re-adapt to civilian life.
Big White Wall
A book that society should be talking about to better understand the realities of contemporary conflict.
- Colonel TJ Hodgetts CBE L/RAMC